Writing AI Software Reviews 2023 – Favorites From Professional Writers

Welcome to HelpBlocks.com where we help writers with all things writing. We’re committed to staying on top of al the tips and trends that help us continually grow as writers and editors. Today we’re going to talk about the best writing AI Software reviews for 2023. Please note, we are professional writers who use these specific programs. We have researched them all, and there is a reason why these are our top choices. So let’s get started.


Our Number #1 Writing AI Software – Jasper AI

We know, a lot of people are talking about Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis AI) but we promise it’s for good reason. And even though we’re a team of writers who write a variety of different content, we all use this software program every single day. Here is a list of some of type of content we create with Jasper Ai…

jasper ai writing software
  • Long-form content like writing books and longer articles – We think the best in the biz at this!
  • Blog Posts (Don’t worry, this one is actually written by a real person!)
  • Social Media Titles, Posts, and Descriptions – Facebook, Pinterest, IG and more!
  • Writing in other languages
  • Creative writing ideas and content which is super helpful when faced with writer’s blocks!
  • SEO (search engine optimization) aka content written to get noticed by search engines
  • Product listings – Need help creating product listings for Amazon or a product store? Jasper can help you with this.
  • Writing personal bios – Anyone else hate writing personal bios lol? There is a template to help.
  • Press releases
  • Video ideas, scripts, captions, etc. – Want help with YouTube or Tik Tok content. Yep, Jasper can help with this too.
  • We have also found a lot of the content passes through the GPT Detector which is great for those who are concerned about Google.
  • And the list could go on and on…
writing ai software reviews
This is just a small glimpse at what Jasper can do.

Jasper AI Cons

  • It’s a little on the expensive side so if you’re a beginner when it comes to writing you might find their prices too much to start out
  • There is a learning curve, as per learning any new software
  • Sometimes Jasper AI can be a little repetitive and you’ll find yourself regenerating a few times until you get what you want.

Pro Tip if You Are Going to Use Jasper

If you do decide to give Jasper AI a test run (try it for FREE Here), after your free trial is over we highly recommend going with the Boss Mode version. The additional features are absolutely worth the little bit of extra investment. If you are a professional writer in any sense, you will thank us later for this… promise.



Writing AI Software Reviews – Our #2 Pick – Copy.ai

Copy AI comes in at a close second choice.

When it comes to AI writing software, Jasper AI is more long-form content focused while Copy.ai focuses on social media, website copy, and email marketing content. Jasper AI has more features than Copy AI but both get the job done when writing quality content.

Here are two perks of Copy.ai software. First, it can help you produce high-quality content in less time than it would take for you to do it yourself. Second, it can give you access to the expertise of top copywriters around the world — without requiring you to pay them by the hour or the project.

Copy.ai uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technology to analyze your content and come up with ideas for how to improve it based on what’s working elsewhere on the web. The software then generates a first draft of your content so that you can add your own flare before publishing it.

Copy.ai is like a ghostwriter for your content. Our copywriting platform helps you leverage data to write better, more effective content — without having to hire a whole team of copywriters.

This is just a small glimpse at what Copy.ai can do.

Copy.AI Software Cons

  • Sometimes the system lags or runs a little slow
  • Long-form content creation can sometimes be a little frustrating
  • Sometimes it generates very random content or not as good quality content
Copy.ai Pricing

#3 Pick – Rytr AI Software

Rytr doesn’t have as many content generator tools as Copy.ai or Jasper.ai, and the quality of writing is sometimes lacking, but the tool does cover a wide variety of uses. From social media posts to blog writing, it can do a lot of what you need if you’re patient and take the time to learn how to hone in your craft. And for those looking for a more basic, budget friendly writing ai software, Rytr might just fit your needs.

A look at the Rytr AI Software dashboard
Rytr AI Pricing

2023 Writing AI Software Reviews Conclusion

Well, there you have it. There are our top three choices for AI writing software on the market right now, chosen by our team of professional writers. Honestly when it comes down to it, we suggest that you trying all three to see which one you click with the most. All three have free trials and give you an opportunity to test drive the software.

Do you have a favorite AI writing software? Share your thoughts below…

What is Writing AI Software?

AI writing software is a type of software that can generate content for you. An AI-powered writing assistant provides useful tools for writing articles, novels, blog posts, and more.

Can Google Detect AI Writing?

Google: We Have Algorithms To Detect & Demote AI Altered Plagiarized Content. Duy Nguyen from Google’s search quality team said in the Google office hours video that Google has “algorithms to go after” those who post AI plagiarized content, then the algorithms can “demote site scraping content from other sites.”

What we recommend – ALWAYS edit your AI written content. Yes, AI content is usually well written but it is important to use it as a base line or foundation only. Use it to spark ideas and then expand and improve it in your own words. This is especially important if you are doing SEO and wanting Google to like you.

Here is a tool we use to see how much AI content is being detected.


Is AI Writing Software Worth It?

Writing AI software can be a huge advantage as it provides the ability to produce and publish more content in less time.

It is also incredibly helpful for those who struggle with what to write or need ideas to get them started. No matter what you’re trying to write, an AI writing tool can be extremely beneficial as long as you be sure to check it against plagiarism and don’t rely solely on AI generated content for your work.