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Hi there, Welcome to our Help Blocks website. Wondering who we are? We are a team of professional writers that span a variety of content types. We have a best selling author, multiple bloggers, affiliate marketers, a children’s book creator, and one editor. Our team at HelpBlocks.com is dedicated to helping writers do what they …

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Please read the Frequently Asked Questions page in case they answer your question. If not, you can mail: hellp@helpblocks.com with your question or bug report. Back to the HelpBlocks home page

About HelpBlocks

About HelpBlocks Anthemion HelpBlocks is an HTML authoring tool specifically designed for writing cross-platform application help, generating Microsoft HTML Help and wxWidgets HTML Help files. With HelpBlocks, you can: easily create a hierarchical structure appropriate for your manual; write HTML rapidly with the aid of a syntax-highlighting editor, macro preprocessor and HTML element catalog; preview …

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Here at HelpBlocks.com we feature our favorite (and sometimes our least favorite), writing tools, tips, and tricks. All over our website you can find resources to help you write your best content. So take a few minutes to look around and if you have any suggestions or favorite tools you would like to share, feel …

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